Assault Defense Attorneys

Assault and battery charges carry a significant weight under criminal law, which could cost you your freedom. Hire experienced assault defense attorneys to represent you.  Anything that involves inducing fear/terror or threat of violence to a victim is considered assault, while unlawful physical contact is categorized as battery.

That said, it is highly advisable to hire experienced and reputable assault defense attorneys to help with the case from the get go. The lawyer will help advise you of your rights, what to expect during legal proceedings, and more importantly, build strong defense to fight the case.

Without a good lawyer, the prosecutor could push for anything from misdemeanor penalties to hefty fines and jail term.

Proper representation is key to fighting all charges against you in court. At Baldwin Law, we understand how important your image, freedom, and reputation, is, and will do everything we can to defend you. Our team of lawyers have been practicing for years and have what it takes to represent you.

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Self-representation should be your very last result especially when faced with such criminal charges. Our team of expert and experienced lawyers will not only help protect your rights, but also do everything possible to build strong defense against charges labelled against you. Some of the reasons you should call us include:

1.Deeper Understanding Of The Law

Our criminal defense lawyers specialize in these types of cases. We have a deeper understanding of the law, and know our way around the courtroom better than you probably do. With the many years under our sleeve, we will review your case, advise you on the possible outcomes, fight for favorable plea agreement, and negotiate for reduced sentence at the worst.

We will also ensure your rights aren’t violated during the process.

2. Stellar Negotiation Skills

We have been practicing law for a good number of years now. In addition to proper understanding of the law, our team packs proper negotiation skills required for handing such delicate cases. Our team will look into your case from every angle, weigh outcomes from every perspective, and weigh in on the best possible outcome.

With keen interest and evidence collection, we can build a case strong enough to have the assault and battery case dismissed pre-trial.

3. Access To Resources

Our legal team the proper access of legal and other resources that would prove crucial for defending your case. We will start the process immediately by first listening your side of the story, gather adequate evidence to support the same, find witnesses, and obtain necessary documents to back everything up.

Some of these resources would be challenging if aren’t a lawyer yourself. In addition to access to resources, our team has been in and out of courtrooms for years, hence will look into the opposing counsel as well.

Assault Defense Attorneys

4. Vast Experience in The Legal System

The legal system is complicated, especially if are a newbie or untrained. A good criminal defense lawyer knows the rules, procedures, and court systems by heart, and will use these for the good of your case. Experience is key especially when attacking motions presented by the opposing counsel.

Assault and Battery Charges in South Carolina

South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 16, Article 7, Section 16-3-600 outlines four levels of assault and battery charges.

Assault and Battery in the Third Degree

You may be charged with assault and battery in the third degree for causing minor injuries to another person or threatening to physically harm someone. This is also known as simple assault.

Simple assault is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail or a fine. However, the offense may be elevated to a felony if the victim is part of a protected class based on race, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.

Assault and Battery in the Second Degree

Assault and battery in the second degree is when someone injures or attempts to harm another person and causes moderate bodily injury. It also includes touching another person’s private parts without consent.

South Carolina classifies second-degree assault and battery as a misdemeanor, and a conviction can lead to a maximum fine of $2500 and up to three years in prison.

Assault and Battery in the First Degree

South Carolina law defines assault and battery in the first degree as attacking another person by means likely to cause serious bodily injury or death. This includes injuring someone during a robbery, burglary, kidnapping, or theft. The definition of first-degree assault also covers touching another person’s private parts with lewd and lascivious intent.

First-degree assault and battery is a serious felony crime that can lead to imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature (ABHAN)

Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature (ABHAN), sometimes called aggravated assault, includes assaults that cause grievous bodily harm to the victim. This is considered a lesser offense of attempted murder. A conviction can lead to a 10-year prison sentence.

Possible Defenses to Assault Charges

In assault and battery cases in South Carolina, several possible defenses may be utilized depending on the circumstances of the incident. One common defense is self-defense, where the accused asserts that they acted to protect themselves from imminent harm or danger. South Carolina law allows individuals to use reasonable force to defend themselves or others from perceived threats.

Another defense is defense of others, where the accused claims they acted to protect another person from harm. Similarly, defense of property may be invoked if the accused used force to prevent the unlawful trespass or interference with their property.

Additionally, mistaken identity can be a defense if the accused can demonstrate that they were not the person who committed the assault or battery. Lack of intent is another possible defense, particularly in cases where the accused did not have the intent to cause harm or did not act recklessly or negligently.

Consulting with experienced assault defense attorneys in South Carolina is crucial for creating the most appropriate strategy for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How We Consider Plea Bargains?

Although self-defense is the most common defense in battery and assault cases, our team of lawyer will look into other forms of defense including:

  • No intent: We will use the nature of the case and evidence gathered to determine and prove that you had no intent to harm the complainant. The team will look into every detail to prove the incident wasn’t premeditated on your part.
  • Insufficient evidence: Judging from the nature of the case and evidence provided, we can have the charges dropped especially if there isn’t physical evidence, visible injuries, or no witnesses to confirm assault and battery. With the right approach and representation, our team can have the just dismiss the case based on insufficient evidence.
  • Defense of property or others: Depending on the evidence collected and presented, our team can prove to the jury that you acted in defense of yourself, property, or others. We all have a right to defend loved ones, property, and yourself from harm, with reasonable force.

Plea Bargins with Assault Defense Attorneys

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