Misconduct & other crimes

Charges categorized under misconduct or “other” may not carry the same weight as violent crimes, but they should not be taken lightly.

Misconduct & other crimes

Even a minor offense can leave a lasting impact on your personal record and future opportunities. At Baldwin Law, located in Greenville, SC, we offer specialized legal support for a variety of misconduct charges, ensuring that you receive a fair chance in the legal system.

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Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct charges can arise from a wide range of actions and often depend on subjective judgments made by law enforcement.

Baldwin Law is highly skilled in challenging these judgments, questioning the circumstances of your arrest and the actions you are accused of. Our goal is to either get the charges dropped or negotiate for lesser penalties, ensuring minimal impact on your life.

Indecent Exposure

Being charged with indecent exposure can be an embarrassing and distressing experience that carries the risk of becoming a registered sex offender.

Baldwin Law offers discreet and compassionate legal services, scrutinizing every detail of your case, from potential factors behind the act to the credibility of witnesses. We’ll work diligently to protect your rights and reputation.

Resisting Arrest

Charges of resisting arrest often accompany other charges and can make a difficult situation even more complicated.

Our team at Baldwin Law takes a multifaceted approach to your defense, questioning the lawfulness of the initial arrest and whether excessive force was used by law enforcement. By challenging these aspects, we aim to weaken the prosecution’s case and mitigate the consequences you face.


Facing an escape charge indicates a serious situation that can lead to heightened penalties for an already existing criminal charge.

Baldwin Law is prepared to examine the conditions under which the escape allegedly occurred and your reasons for the actions you took. Our goal is to present a robust defense that helps reduce penalties or dismiss your charges.

Contributing to Delinquency of Minor

Facing charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor can be a deeply unsettling experience, as the consequences can range from fines to incarceration, not to mention the stigma attached to such charges.

Our legal experts at Baldwin Law will delve into the specifics of your case, challenging the nature of your involvement or the facts as presented by the prosecution, to build a robust defense strategy tailored to your unique situation.


Charges of neglect can bring forth a sense of shame and confusion on top of legal consequences.

Baldwin Law is here to guide you through this challenging time with compassionate and dedicated legal assistance. We work closely with you to examine the events leading to the allegations and present alternative explanations or mitigating factors that may exist, all with the aim of preserving your freedom and your family’s well-being.

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If you are facing any form of misconduct charge, you can rely on Baldwin Law for empathetic and comprehensive legal representation.

Contact Baldwin Law today to discuss the specifics of your case and how we can help you navigate the legal process.


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