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drug charges are classified based on substances

What Are the Types of Drug Charges?

In South Carolina, any drug charges have very harsh potential sentences. There is no leniency for first offenders or for substances like marijuana. It does not matter that you have just a few ounces or

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What Happens If Convicted of a Drug Crime

Drug crimes represent extremely serious offenses, even if we are talking of simple possession of marijuana. South Carolina laws have zero tolerance for any kind of possession, manufacturing or trafficking of controlled substances. Thus, if

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a conditional discharge is granted only once

What Is a Conditional Discharge?

One of the tactics a skilled Greenville criminal defense lawyer will use to avoid a trial for lesser drug charges is trying to obtain a conditional discharge. This will help you move on with your

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Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive music festival

Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive

Looking for a fun and lively way to kick off your weekend? Look no further than Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive. This electrifying event, held every Thursday night from March 14 to August 29, 2024,

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probable cause allows police officers to perform searches and traffic stops without warrant

What Is Probable Cause in a Criminal Case?

Probable cause is a crucial concept that safeguards citizens from arbitrary intrusions by law enforcement while simultaneously empowering authorities to investigate legitimate criminal activity. In South Carolina, as in other states, this legal cornerstone acts

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