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Overview of Pickens County

Pickens County, located in the northwestern part of South Carolina, is a region rich in history and natural beauty. Bordered by Greenville County to the east and the state of Georgia to the west, it’s part of the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin Metropolitan Statistical Area. This location offers residents and visitors a blend of rural charm and accessibility to larger urban areas.

The county seat of Pickens County is the city of Pickens, known for its historic buildings and small-town feel. Other significant towns include Easley, Liberty, and Clemson. Clemson is particularly notable as the home of Clemson University, a major public research university known for its engineering, agriculture, and business programs. These cities and towns offer a range of amenities, from local businesses to recreational opportunities.

Education in Pickens County is primarily served by the School District of Pickens County. This district includes numerous elementary, middle, and high schools, focusing on providing a well-rounded education to prepare students for various career paths or higher education. Clemson University, located within the county, is a significant educational institution, attracting students from all over the country. Tri-County Technical College also serves the area, offering vocational and technical training in various fields.

In terms of healthcare, Pickens County is served by several facilities. The most notable is Prisma Health Baptist Easley Hospital, a major healthcare provider offering a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, specialized treatments, and wellness programs. Other healthcare facilities and clinics are scattered throughout the county, providing accessible medical care to its residents.

Legal System and Courts in Pickens County

The legal system in Pickens County operates under the jurisdiction of South Carolina’s state laws. The Pickens County Courthouse, located in the city of Pickens, is the focal point of the county’s legal proceedings. This courthouse houses the Circuit Court, which is responsible for major civil and criminal cases. The Circuit Court hears a variety of cases, from serious felonies to significant civil disputes.

In addition to the Circuit Court, there is the Family Court, which deals exclusively with matters such as divorce, child custody, and other family-related legal issues. The Probate Court in Pickens handles wills, estates, and other probate matters.

For lesser offenses and small claims, the Magistrate’s Court, also known as the Summary Court, handles traffic violations, minor criminal cases, and civil disputes involving smaller monetary amounts. The Municipal Court in cities like Easley and Clemson addresses violations of city ordinances and other local matters.

Pickens County Court Locations

Pickens County Courthouse

Pickens Magistrate Court

  • Address: 310 W. Main Street (Highway 93), Liberty, South Carolina 29657
  • Phone: (864) 898-5551
  • Website: www.co.pickens.sc.us

Pickens Municipal Court

  • Address: 133 Railroad St, Pickens, SC 29671

Easley Municipal Court

  • Address: 220 North West Main Street, Easley, SC 29640-9640
  • Phone: 864-855-7915
  • Website: www.cityofeasley.com​​.

Clemson Municipal Court

  • Address: 1250 Tiger Blvd # 3, Clemson, SC 29631
  • Phone: (864) 653-2045
  • Website: clemsoncity.org

Central Municipal Court

  • Address: 1067 W Main Street, Central, SC 29630 (City Hall)
  • Phone: (864) 639-6381
  • Website: cityofcentral.org/court

Liberty Municipal Court

  • Address: 147b Kay Holcombe Rd., Liberty SC 29657
  • Phone: 864-843-3956
  • Website: libertysc.com

Six Mile Municipal Court

  • Address: 208 N Main St, Six Mile, SC 29322
  • Phone: (864) 468-4545
  • Website: libertysc.com

Law Enforcement and Emergency Services In Pickens County

Pickens Police Department

Pickens Fire Department

Easley Police Department

Easley Fire Department

Clemson Police Department

  • Address: 1198 Tiger Blvd, Clemson, SC 29631
  • Phone: (864) 624-2000
  • Website: clemsonpd.org

Clemson Fire Department

  • Address: 1521 Perimeter Road, Clemson, SC, 29634
  • Phone: 864-656-2242
  • Website: www.clemson.edu

Liberty Police Department

Liberty Fire Department

  • Address: 206 W Front St, Liberty, SC 29657
  • Phone: (864) 843-2321

Central Police Department

Central Fire Department

Six Mile Fire Department

  • Address:633 Mt Olivet Rd, Six Mile, SC 29682
  • Phone: (864) 868-0733

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