Central Municipal Court

Central Municipal Court

Central Municipal Court, responsible for adjudicating minor legal disputes and traffic violations, serves the Central community. This court addresses issues such as parking fines, local ordinance violations, and small-scale civil matters. Its streamlined approach ensures quick resolution of cases, often without the need for extensive legal proceedings. The court’s operation is key in enforcing local laws and maintaining community standards, providing a space for residents to resolve minor legal issues efficiently and effectively. This focus on smaller, community-level cases helps maintain order and supports the smooth functioning of local governance.

Court Judges

Jessica Wells

Stephanie Busha – (Clerk of Court)

Location and Contact Information

Address: 1067 West Main Street, Central, SC 29630

Phone: (864) 639-6381 ext. 121

Fax: (864) 639-3957

8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

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