South Carolina Gun Law FAQs

Is South Carolina an Open Carry state? Man stands with a handgun attached to his belt.

Is South Carolina an Open Carry State?

Yes, South Carolina permits concealed weapons permit holders to openly carry firearms on their person or in vehicles. Open carry is allowed for guns less than 12 inches in length, hidden or visible, except for defensive purposes, according to SC HB H3094.

What Guns Can You Have in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, no state permit is needed for rifles, shotguns, or handguns. Some specific prohibitions apply to all firearms, and others to handguns only.

What Are the Penalties for Possession During Violent Crime in South Carolina?

Possession of a firearm or knife during a violent crime can result in an additional five-year imprisonment, besides the principal crime’s punishment unless a life sentence or death penalty is given.

What Are the Penalties for Unlawful Carry in SC?

Unlawfully carrying a handgun in SC is a misdemeanor that can result in up to 1 year in prison, a $2,000 fine, or both, and confiscation of the handgun.

Is Unlawful Carry a Felony in SC?

Yes, unlawful carry of a firearm in South Carolina can be charged as a felony depending on the circumstances, such as prior convictions or the presence of aggravating factors.

What Happens if a Felon Gets Caught Around a Gun?

If a felon is caught possessing a gun, they could face serious criminal charges, including felony charges for unlawful possession of a firearm. Penalties may include significant fines and imprisonment, depending on the specific circumstances and applicable laws.

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