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Miss Baldwin helped to save my life. I was unjustly jailed for over 3 yrs. And she showed through truth and evidence I was innocent. Erica is 5 star
Paul B.
Ms. Baldwin is an excellent attorney with a heart for every client and a desire to execute the law with complete dedication and desire to provide informed representation in all cases.
Mark T.
I was charged with a very serious crime, and I knew I hadn’t done it. No one else would listen to me or help me but Erika! She ultimately got the charges dismissed, and assured that the State wouldn’t do anything further. She’s smart, kind, and most importantly she listens.
Thomas W.
Erika is one of the most dedicated criminal practitioners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She represents her clients diligently, fiercely, ethically, and through every step of the process. Erika is one of the attorneys I would seek representation from if I needed a criminal attorney.
Jonathan L.
Erika possesses an extensive and impressive knowledge of the law. Her meticulous attention to detail, and extensive experience with complex legal matters truly sets her apart from other attorneys. Her expertise in both criminal law and civil litigation is absolutely unparalleled. Erika consistently displays compassion and empathy to those she works with, and is an all around angel to be around.
Lauren L.
Erika is one of the most talented criminal defense attorneys I have ever seen in court. Her case analysis and attention to detail aids her clients in getting the best possible outcome. I cannot recommend Erika highly enough if you or a loved one has a case in criminal court.
Scarlet M.
Baldwin law is the only attorney I will use . She is the best hands down . She has helped me more than I could have ever got some where else . If you need a great lawyer with the wits and will to help this is the attorney for you
Josh M.
If you’re looking for a strong, intelligent, go-getter attorney who will work passionately as your advocate— you’ve come to the right place. Ms. Baldwin has an excellent bedside manner and always goes the extra mile!
Madison J.
Erika is a hard working, compassionate, and knowledgeable attorney that will fight for you. She is fierce and not easily swayed. She takes her clients best interest and works very hard to provide the best possible outcome. She understands the whys and is adaptable to the situations giving her the ability to service well.
Lora B.
Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend if you want to win.
M. Grace

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