Pickens Magistrate Court

The Magistrate Court in Pickens County serves an essential function in the local justice system. It primarily deals with lower-level civil and criminal cases. For civil matters, the court addresses disputes such as small claims and issues where the financial stakes are below a specific threshold. This approach offers a streamlined, less formal process for resolving such disputes. On the criminal side, the court is responsible for overseeing cases involving minor offenses, including traffic violations and misdemeanors.

Pickens Magistrate Court

Pickens Magistrate Court

It also conducts initial hearings in criminal cases to assess if there is enough evidence for the case to be escalated to a higher court. The Magistrate Court stands out for its role in making justice more accessible and less daunting for residents. It emphasizes efficiency and serves as an essential link between the community and the legal system, simplifying the legal process for everyday citizens. This court is a key player in maintaining law and order at the community level.


Michael A. Baker, Chief Magistrate
Benjamin A. Dow
S. Michael Gillespie
Bruce E. Anders

Location and Contact Information

Pickens County Magistrate Court
310 W. Main Street (Highway 93)
Liberty, South Carolina 29657
Telephone(864) 898-5551
Fax Number: (864) 843-4652
Office Hours: 8:30PM – 4:30PM Monday – Friday

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