Clemson Municipal Court

Clemson Municipal Court is a key legal institution in Clemson, handling various minor legal matters. This court’s jurisdiction is focused on smaller, non-felony cases, particularly those involving local ordinance breaches and traffic-related offenses. The court’s role is crucial in managing these low-level disputes and infractions effectively, thereby upholding the city’s legal standards. This court is essential for providing the community with a more accessible and less intimidating experience in the legal system, especially for first-time or minor offenders.

Clemson Municipal Court

It functions as the frontline of the city’s legal framework, dealing with issues that directly affect the daily lives of Clemson’s residents. Clemson Municipal Court operates with a focus on clarity, fairness, and efficiency. It plays a significant role in reinforcing civic responsibility and legal compliance, making it an integral part of Clemson’s governance and community structure.

Court Judges

Nikki Munn

Teresa Daniel – (Part Time)

Kendra Green – (Clerk of County)

Location and Contact Information

Address: 1250 Tiger Blvd. STE 3, Clemson, SC 29631
Phone:  (864) 653-2045
Fax:  (864) 653-2044

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