Easley Municipal Court

Easley Municipal Court

Easley Municipal Court, located in the city of Easley, plays a pivotal role in administering local justice. This court primarily deals with cases related to city ordinance violations, minor criminal offenses, and traffic citations. The court’s focus is on issues that occur within Easley’s city limits, ensuring local laws are upheld and community standards are maintained. The court is known for its efficient handling of legal matters, making the judicial process more accessible to the residents of Easley. It provides a crucial service by addressing smaller-scale legal disputes, which helps prevent these cases from escalating to higher courts.

Easley Municipal Court

This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that justice is swiftly and effectively administered at the community level. Easley Municipal Court’s operations reflect its commitment to maintaining order and fairness in the city, while ensuring that the rights and concerns of its residents are addressed in a respectful and efficient manner.

Court Judge

Phillip A. Snow

Location and Contact Information

Address: 220 North West Main Street, Easley, SC 29640-9640

Phone: 864-855-7915

Fax: 864-855-7920

Website: www.cityofeasley.com/departments/municipal_court/index.php.

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