Anderson County Municipal Court

Anderson County Municipal Court Information

The Anderson City Court ensures that justice never sleeps by having judges available 24 hours a day. These judges are always on standby, prepared to issue arrest and search warrants for any crimes committed within the city. This constant availability underscores the city’s commitment to maintaining law and order at all times, providing a swift response to criminal activities and ensuring that legal processes are not delayed.

Address: 401 S. Main Street, Anderson, SC 29624
Phone: 864-231-2271


  • Chief Administrative – Judge Josh Allen
  • Associate Judge – Goetz Eaton
  • Associate Judge – Richard Thompson
  • Associate Judge – Robert King
  • Associate Judge – Matt Lollis
  • Associate Judge – Stacy Blair
  • Associate Judge – Carolyn E. Galloway

Municipal Court Staff

  • Court Administrator – Kim Poulin
  • Traffic Court Clerk – Holly Mitchell
  • Criminal Court Clerk – Anna Graham

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