Duncan Municipal Court

The Duncan Municipal Court in South Carolina is responsible for handling a variety of local legal issues. This includes managing DWI/DUI cases, traffic infractions, exclusive parking violations, and breaches of local ordinances. The court plays a crucial role in upholding the rule of law within the city of Duncan, providing a venue for the fair and efficient resolution of minor legal matters.

Duncan Municipal Court

Duncan Municipal Court

By focusing on these community-level cases, the court ensures that Duncan’s legal standards are maintained, contributing to the overall safety and order of the town. Its operations are a key part of the town’s governance, reflecting a commitment to justice and legal compliance at the local level.

Court Judge

Vicki Rae Smith

Location and Contact Information

Address: 50 Hughes St, Duncan, SC 29334

Phone: (864) 249-8013

Website: townofduncansc.com/duncan-municipal-court/

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