Fountain Inn Municipal Court

Fountain Inn Municipal Court, located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, is a local court responsible for handling various minor legal matters. This court primarily focuses on cases involving traffic violations, city ordinance breaches, and low-level criminal misdemeanors. As an essential part of the city’s judicial framework, it provides a crucial service in resolving disputes and enforcing local laws.

Fountain Inn Municipal court

Fountain Inn Municipal Court

The court is designed to offer a more expedient and accessible legal process for the residents of Fountain Inn, ensuring that minor offenses are dealt with promptly and justly. Its operations are key to maintaining public order and upholding the city’s legal standards, playing a significant role in the community’s governance and legal system.

Fountain Inn Municipal Court

Court Judge

Rebecca C. Hand

Anthony Duarte

William Hawkins

Location and Contact Information

Address: 300 Wall Street, Fountain InnSC 29644

Phone: 864-409-0617

Fax: 864-409-8363


Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm

12 pm to 1 pm Closed

Friday 8 am to noon

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