Greenville Clerk Of Court

The Greenville County Clerk of Court holds a significant administrative and clerical role within the county’s legal system. This position involves managing and maintaining a wide array of court records, ensuring their accuracy and accessibility. The responsibilities of the Clerk of Court include overseeing the filing of legal documents, such as lawsuits, divorce proceedings, and property deeds, and assisting the public and attorneys in accessing court-related information. A key aspect of this role is jury management. The Clerk of Court is responsible for organizing the selection and summoning of jurors for trial, an essential element for the functioning of the judicial system. Additionally, the Clerk handles financial responsibilities like the collection of court fees and fines, ensuring these transactions are accurately processed.

Court Judge

Brice Garrett

Location and Contact Information

Address: 305 E. North Street Greenville County Courthouse Greenville, SC 29601

Phone: 864.467.8551


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