Greenville County Family Court

Greenville County Family Court is a specialized court within the South Carolina judicial system, focusing on matters related to family law. This court handles a range of cases including divorce, child custody, child support, and adoption. Its primary role is to make decisions regarding family disputes, aiming to resolve them in a manner that is in the best interest of children and families involved. Family Court in Greenville County also deals with issues like domestic violence, paternity, and juvenile matters.

Greenville County Family Court

Greenville County Family Court

The court operates with a high degree of sensitivity and confidentiality, recognizing the personal and often emotional nature of the cases it handles. The decisions made in this court can have long-lasting effects on family dynamics, making its role crucial in the community. This court is dedicated to ensuring fair and just resolutions in family-related legal matters, providing a necessary support system for families undergoing legal challenges.

Court Judge

Brice Garrett – Clerk of Court

Location and Contact Information

Address: 350 Halton Road, Post Office Box 27107, Greenville, SC 29616

Phone: 864-467-5800

Fax: 864-467-5856


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