Greenville Municipal Court

The Greenville Municipal Court is an important part of the city’s judicial system in South Carolina. It deals with traffic and criminal misdemeanor violations, as well as breaches of city ordinances and environmental codes. The court’s focus is on efficiently handling these minor legal issues to maintain law and order in Greenville.

Greenville Municipal Court

Greenville Municipal Court

Its operations are crucial for ensuring that city laws are followed and community standards are upheld. Additionally, the court provides a platform for residents to resolve their legal disputes, contributing to the smooth functioning of the city’s governance and legal framework. This court is key in reinforcing civic responsibility and legal awareness among the citizens of Greenville.


Court Judge

Pam Larson – Clerk of Court

Diana P. Brock

Elaina J. Calderon

James D. Calmes, III

Stinson W. Ferguson

Matthew R. Hawley, Jr.

Pamela A. Larson

Andrew “. MacKenzie

Rudi A. Summers

Location and Contact Information

Address: 426 N Main Street, GreenvilleSC 29601

Phone: 864-232-CARE

Fax: 864-467-6651


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