Greer Municipal Court

Greer Municipal Court in South Carolina is responsible for a range of judicial processes. This court handles warrants, arraignments, and the adjudication of cases. Its jurisdiction is specifically focused on misdemeanor criminal cases and traffic cases that carry a maximum fine and sentence of $500 or 30 days in jail, along with certain other cases as authorized by the South Carolina Legislature.

Greer Municipal Court

Greer Municipal Court

The court does not have jurisdiction over civil matters, meaning it does not hear lawsuits or non-criminal matters. Decisions made by this court can be appealed in the circuit court. The Chief Municipal Judge also plays a supervisory role over assistant judges and ministerial recorders, ensuring the smooth functioning of the court’s operations​​.

Court Judge

James D. Calmes, III

Edward L. Demko

Dana D. DowlingKathy A. Hiles

Christy C. Jamerson

Isaac L. Johnson, Jr

Denise L. Livingston

Henry J. Mims

Matthew R. Mulholland

Kirsten R. Pressley

Location and Contact Information

Address: 100 S Main St, Greer, SC 29650

Phone: 864-848-5374


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