Landrum Municipal Court

Landrum Municipal Court, located in Landrum, South Carolina, is a local court that handles various legal matters within its jurisdiction. Primarily, it deals with cases related to city ordinances, traffic violations, and misdemeanor criminal offenses. This court is integral in administering justice at the local level, ensuring law and order are maintained in the community.

Landrum Municipal Court

Landrum Municipal Court is staffed by a judge, who is appointed to preside over cases, and other court personnel who assist in the administration of justice. Hearings in the Landrum Municipal Court are conducted in a formal manner, following legal procedures and protocols. The court also plays a role in issuing warrants, collecting fines, and setting bail for defendants. It’s an accessible justice point for residents, providing a venue for resolving minor legal issues. This court is essential in the local legal system, upholding the rule of law and serving the community’s legal needs.

Landrum Municipal Court

Court Judge

John M. Rollins, Jr.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 100 North Shamrock Avenue, Columbus Ave, Landrum, SC 29356

Phone: (864) 457-7281


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