Laurens County Clerk of Court

The Laurens County Clerk of Court, located in Laurens, South Carolina, is a pivotal institution in the local judiciary system, managing a broad spectrum of legal affairs. This office is central to the administration of justice in the county, overseeing the processing and maintenance of legal documents for cases such as criminal, civil, and domestic relations. The Clerk of Court’s office is instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning of the legal process, offering essential support to the judiciary, attorneys, and the public. It upholds the principles of fairness and efficiency as mandated by the South Carolina legal framework. The Laurens County Clerk of Court plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the legal system in the region, ensuring adherence to state legal standards and facilitating access to judicial services for all residents of Laurens County.

Clerk of Court

Michelle Simmons

Location and Contact Information

Address: 100 Hillcrest Square, Suite B, Laurens, SC 293601

Phone: (864) 984-3538

Fax: (864) 984-7023


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