Laurens County Magistrates Court

The Laurens County Magistrates Court, integral to the justice system in Laurens, South Carolina, primarily focuses on adjudicating lower-level criminal cases, traffic violations, and civil cases involving smaller monetary sums. This court is where many citizens have their initial encounters with the judicial system, for matters such as misdemeanors, landlord-tenant disputes, and minor civil complaints.

Laurens County Magistrates Court

Magistrates, appointed officers in the judiciary, preside over these cases, offering a more streamlined and accessible legal process compared to higher courts. The Laurens County Magistrates Court thus serves as a vital gateway to justice, ensuring swift and fair resolutions in less complex legal cases within the community.

Laurens County Magistrates Court

Court Judge

Tracy Richards

Mike Pitts

William Wham

Location and Contact Information

Address: Barksdale Square Shopping Center, 100 Hillcrest Square, Laurens, SC 29360

Phone: (864) 681-5689

Fax: (864) 681-0591


9 AM – 5 PM / Monday – Friday

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