Laurens Municipal Court

The Laurens Municipal Court, located in the city of Laurens, South Carolina, is a city-level court dealing primarily with local ordinances, traffic offenses, and other minor criminal matters within the city limits. This court is often the first point of contact for residents dealing with city-specific legal issues, playing a critical role in maintaining local law and order.

Laurens Municipal Court

Laurens Municipal Court

The Municipal Court operates under the jurisdiction of Laurens City, handling cases that are typically less severe than those seen in higher courts. It is instrumental in enforcing municipal codes and regulations, contributing significantly to the governance and legal framework of Laurens. This court not only adjudicates minor legal matters but also serves as a vital component in the city’s commitment to justice and community welfare.

Court Judge

Terri Anderson

CW Wier

Location and Contact Information

Address: 126 E. Public Street, Laurens, SC, 29360

Phone: (864) 984-3532


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