Lyman Municipal Court

Lyman Municipal Court, situated in Lyman, South Carolina, serves as a crucial judicial body for the local community. This court primarily focuses on cases related to city ordinances, traffic violations, and minor criminal offenses, reflecting its role in handling lower-level legal matters. The court’s proceedings are formal, adhering strictly to legal procedures and protocols. This ensures that justice is served in a consistent and fair manner. Lyman Municipal Court also has the authority to issue warrants, impose fines, and set bail in accordance with the legal standards. This municipal court is a vital element of the local legal system, playing a key role in maintaining order and upholding the law within the Lyman community. It provides a venue for residents to resolve their legal issues in a court setting, emphasizing the importance of local access to justice.

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Location and Contact Information

Address: 81 Groce Rd, Lyman, SC 29365

Phone: 864-438-5761


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