Mauldin Municipal Court

The Mauldin Municipal Court is dedicated to handling criminal, traffic, and city ordinance violation cases within Mauldin’s city boundaries. This court’s role is pivotal in adjudicating minor offenses, focusing on incidents that warrant fines up to $500 or imprisonment for no more than 30 days. Its limited jurisdiction allows for efficient case management, contributing to the maintenance of law and order in the city. The court’s operations are essential in promoting legal compliance and addressing violations that directly affect the Mauldin community.

Mauldin Municipal Court

Mauldin Municipal Court

By providing a streamlined process for resolving these minor legal issues, the Mauldin Municipal Court ensures that the city’s legal standards are upheld, reinforcing the importance of civic responsibility among residents. Additionally, the court’s work helps to relieve the burden on higher courts, allowing them to focus on more serious legal matters.

Court Judge

John Read, IV

Donna Derado – Clerk of Court

Location and Contact Information

Address: 5 E. Butler Road, Mauldin, SC 29662

Phone: (864) 214-4480


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