Oconee County Clerk of Court

The Oconee County Clerk of Court is an important administrative and legal position within Oconee County, a region in the United States. This official is responsible for managing a wide array of judicial and administrative functions. The primary duties include the maintenance and safekeeping of various legal documents, such as court records, land and property deeds, and other vital records.

Oconee County Clerk of Court

This role is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the legal system within the county. In addition to document management, the Clerk of Court oversees the administrative aspects of the county’s judicial system. This involves scheduling court cases, handling legal filings, and providing assistance to judges during trials and hearings. The Clerk also plays a key role in jury management, from summoning jurors to coordinating their activities during trials.

Oconee County Clerk of Court

Clerk of Court

Melissa “Lisa” Burton

Location and Contact Information

Address: 205 W Main St. Walhalla, SC 29691

Phone: 864-638-4280

Fax: 864-638-4282

Website: oconeesc.com/departments/clerk-of-court

Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

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