Oconee County Magistrates Court Seneca

The Oconee County Magistrates Court in Seneca, South Carolina, serves as an accessible legal venue for handling a variety of minor legal disputes and offenses. It deals with civil cases involving limited financial claims, minor criminal charges, and traffic violations.

Oconee County Magistrates Court Seneca

Oconee County Magistrates Court Seneca

This court is a crucial part of the community, offering a more straightforward and faster way to resolve legal issues that don’t require the attention of higher courts. It’s particularly valuable for efficiently addressing everyday legal concerns, making the justice process less daunting for the residents of Seneca. The Magistrates Court plays an important role in maintaining law and order in Oconee County, ensuring that smaller legal matters are resolved fairly and promptly.


Court Judge

Erin C. McKinney

Location and Contact Information

Address: 207-a East North 1st Street, Seneca

Phone: 864-888-1460

Website: oconeesc.com/departments/magistrate-courts

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