Oconee County Magistrates Court Walhalla

The Oconee County Magistrates Court in Walhalla, South Carolina, is a key component of the local judicial system, focusing on a variety of minor legal proceedings. This court has authority over small civil disputes, such as claims with limited monetary value, and minor criminal matters like petty theft or public disturbances.

Oconee County Magistrates Court Walhalla

Oconee County Magistrates Court Walhalla

It also handles traffic violations and conducts preliminary hearings for more significant criminal cases. The court is instrumental in providing a streamlined and approachable legal process for the residents of Oconee County. It plays a pivotal role in upholding law and order, emphasizing swift and fair resolutions in cases that don’t necessitate the involvement of higher courts.

Court Judge

Erin C. McKinney

Location and Contact Information

Address: 207-a East North 1st Street, Seneca

Phone: 864-888-1460

Website: oconeesc.com/departments/magistrate-courts

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