Oconee County Probate Court

The Oconee County Probate Court, located in Oconee County, SC, plays a vital role in the county’s judicial system. This court primarily handles matters related to wills, estates, and the administration of deceased persons’ assets. It also oversees issues regarding guardianship and conservatorship, providing legal mechanisms for protecting individuals who are unable to manage their own affairs, such as minors or those with certain disabilities. Additionally, the Oconee County Probate Court is responsible for marriage licenses and ceremonies, contributing to community life beyond its judicial functions.

Oconee County Probate Court

Oconee County Probate Court

The court operates under the guidance of an elected judge, ensuring fair and efficient handling of all probate-related matters. The court serves as a critical resource for residents navigating complex legal processes related to probate and guardianship.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 415 South Pine Street, Walhalla

Phone: 864-638-4275

Website: oconeesc.com/probate-home

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