Pacolet Municipal Court

Pacolet Municipal Court, located in the town of Pacolet, South Carolina, is a key component of the local justice system. This court primarily deals with cases involving city ordinance violations, traffic infractions, and minor criminal matters. Such a focus allows the court to efficiently manage and adjudicate issues most relevant to the Pacolet community.

Pacolet Municipal Court

Pacolet Municipal Court

Pacolet Municipal Court also has the authority to issue warrants, collect fines, and set bail for certain offenses. Its role extends beyond just hearing cases; it is instrumental in maintaining law and order within the town. By providing a local venue for legal disputes and minor criminal cases, the court ensures that residents have direct access to justice, underscoring the importance of municipal courts in the broader judicial system.

Court Judge

Vicki Rae Smith

Location and Contact Information

Address: 110 Sunset Dr. Pacolet, South Carolina

Phone: 864-474-3002


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