Seneca Municipal Court

Seneca Municipal Court, situated in Seneca, South Carolina, is a judiciary body that primarily deals with local legal matters. This court is dedicated to handling cases related to city ordinance violations, minor criminal offenses, and traffic infractions within Seneca’s jurisdiction. It operates as an integral part of the city’s governance, ensuring law and order at the local level.

Seneca Municipal Court

Seneca Municipal Court

The court typically oversees matters like parking violations, speeding tickets, and other minor traffic-related offenses. It also handles misdemeanors and other minor criminal cases. The court’s operations are designed to be efficient, fair, and accessible to the residents of Seneca, ensuring justice is served in a community-focused environment.

Court Judges

Katie Cox

Anna Smith – Clerk of Court

Location and Contact Information

Address: 225 E North 1st Street, Seneca

Phone: 864-885-2731

Fax: 864-885-2708


Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM

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