Spartanburg County Clerk Of Court

The Spartanburg County Clerk of Court is an essential figure in the Spartanburg County legal system in South Carolina. This position involves managing a wide array of court records, ensuring accuracy and accessibility for the public and legal professionals. The Clerk is responsible for the filing and maintenance of various legal documents, such as lawsuits, divorces, and property deeds. One of the crucial responsibilities of the Spartanburg County Clerk of Court is jury management. This involves overseeing the selection and summoning of jurors for trials, a fundamental aspect of the judicial process. Additionally, the Clerk handles financial duties like collecting court fees and fines, which are vital for the functioning of the court system. The role of the Spartanburg County Clerk of Court is central to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the legal system. It demands a high level of organizational skills, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of legal procedures and documentation, reflecting a commitment to public service and the upholding of legal standards in the county.

Clerk of Court

Amy W. Cox

Location and Contact Information

Address: 180 Magnolia St, 2nd Floor, Suite 500, SpartanburgSC 29306

Phone: 864-596-2591


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