Spartanburg Magistrate Court – Region Three in Cowpens

Spartanburg Magistrate Court – Region Three in Cowpens, as part of the South Carolina Magistrate Courts, has various responsibilities. These courts, also known as summary courts, are trial courts with jurisdiction over offenses that attract penalties of imprisonment not exceeding 30 days or a fine of no more than $500. They also handle civil claims valued at $7,500 or less​​. In criminal cases, these courts deal with offenses punishable by short terms of incarceration or limited fines and handle preliminary hearings for most other criminal cases. For civil cases, their jurisdiction includes contract claims, penalties or fines, damages to real or personal property, and attachment of property for debts. They also handle certain types of claims with no financial limit, like some bonds and landlord-tenant cases​​. However, they generally do not have jurisdiction over civil cases if the State is a party or in cases involving disputes over the title to real estate​​.

Court Judge

Edward Addington

Kenneth Sanders

Location and Contact Information

Address: 112 Foster St, CowpensSC 29330

Phone: 864-598-7005


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