Travelers Rest Municipal Court

The Travelers Rest Municipal Court is an important legal institution within Travelers Rest City limits, focusing on matters of local legal concern. The court’s primary function is to hear cases involving traffic infractions and criminal misdemeanors that occur within the city. This court is responsible for various stages of the legal process, including scheduling and conducting arraignments, pre-trial conferences, bond hearings, preliminary hearings, and jury trials.

Travelers Rest Municipal Court

Travelers Rest Municipal Court

These activities are central to the court’s function of upholding local laws and maintaining order in the community. The Travelers Rest Municipal Court plays a critical role in the local judicial system, ensuring the efficient and fair handling of minor legal matters and contributing to the city’s governance and legal structure​​.

Court Judge

Rebecca Hand

Jasmine Twitty – Clerk of Court

Location and Contact Information

Address: 125 Trailblazer Drive, Travelers Rest SC 29690

Phone: 864.834.1630

Fax: 864.834.4123


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