United States District Court – Greenville Division

The United States District Court – Greenville Division is a federal court in the United States judicial system, serving the Greenville area in South Carolina. This court has jurisdiction over federal cases, both civil and criminal, originating from the region. It handles a wide range of cases, including those involving federal law violations, civil rights disputes, and interstate conflicts. Additionally, it deals with cases that concern the U.S. Constitution and federal government. The court plays a crucial role in upholding federal laws and ensuring justice at a national level within its jurisdiction. Its proceedings and decisions can have significant impacts, not just locally but also on a wider scale. The Greenville Division, like other federal courts, is instrumental in maintaining the rule of law, protecting individual rights, and resolving complex legal matters that are significant to the federal system. It operates with a commitment to fairness and justice, serving as a key component of the United States judicial system.

Court Judge

Joseph Dawson, III

Henry M. Herlong, Jr.

Kevin F. McDonald

Jacquelyn D. Austin

Location and Contact Information

Address: 300 E Washington St, Greenville, SC 29601

Phone: 864-241-2700

Fax: 864-241-2711

Website: www.scd.uscourts.gov/Court/Greenville.asp

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