Walhalla Municipal Court

Walhalla Municipal Court, situated in Walhalla, South Carolina, is a local government institution responsible for adjudicating minor civil and criminal cases. This court typically handles matters such as traffic violations, small claims disputes, and misdemeanor offenses within the city’s jurisdiction. The court operates under the guidance of a presiding judge and is supported by court clerks and other administrative staff.

Walhalla Municipal Court

Walhalla Municipal Court

The building housing the court is often modest in size, reflecting its focus on local community issues. The court’s operations contribute to maintaining law and order in Walhalla, offering residents a venue for legal redress and dispute resolution. Its role is crucial in upholding local laws and ordinances, ensuring fairness and justice at a community level.

Court Judge

Roberta Barton

Location and Contact Information

Address: 101 East Main Street, Walhalla

Phone: (864) 638-4341

Website: cityofwalhalla.com/departments/municipal-court/

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